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The sustainable successful development of Elevion Group | Germany is not based on good business results alone. It is equally important to us that Elevion Group | Germany enjoys the highest reputation and maximum trust in its industry - for conducting its business responsibly and ethically.

To ensure that all employees act and cooperate in accordance with the necessary values and standards, we have developed a Code of Conduct for all employees of Elevion Group | Germany. It defines the corporate values - also and in particular for the management - and sets out the internal rules of conduct: from observing safety rules and meeting standards in administration to treating each other with respect. Our Code also includes rules for dealing with business partners and competitors and defines our ethical requirements for their business conduct.

An essential basic rule of our actions is compliance with the law in the relevant jurisdiction. All employees are obliged to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to us. The same applies to the internal instructions and guidelines communicated to them, as well as company agreements, collective bargaining agreements and occupational health and safety regulations. This also includes avoiding any involvement in transactions that are recognizably aimed at circumventing these regulations. Similarly, the safety and health of our employees are of paramount importance. All employees have the right to a safe working environment. The highest possible level of occupational safety for all employees is therefore an important concern for us. Our goal is to prevent accidents in the workplace. To this end, processes, facilities and operating resources must comply with applicable legal and internal health and safety regulations as well as fire protection.

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The Code of Conduct of Elevion Group | Germany is of course available for public inspection. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to know more about our compliance management.

Axel Pepper
Head of Legal & Compliance

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